Get Your Student Photo ID

Only students registered for credit bearing courses are eligible to receive a Student Photo ID. Students should carry their Student Photo ID with them at all times as they will be requested to present it when accessing services on campus that require identification. This includes accessing Mount Fitness (with required membership) and for some programming events sponsored by the CATS (Campus Activities Team for Students) Programming Group.

Student Photo IDs are not issued during:

  • The last 5 weeks of the current semester
  • Summer semester
  • Winter intersession
  • Maymester

Students seeking an ID during these times must wait until the next fall or spring semester to receive a Student Photo ID

Students beginning classes during Cycle 2 must wait until classes begin to get a Student Photo ID.

ID Fee: $10

One of the following items is required to obtain an MWCC Student Photo ID:

  • a state motor vehicle license (or learner’s permit)
  • a passport
  • a military ID
  • a state issued identification card (available at RMV)

Note: If you do not have any of the above state issued IDs, please plan to bring two of the following:

  • High School Photo ID
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card

Gardner Campus

There are three options for obtaining your Student Photo ID:

  1. Send an email to with dates and times that you are available to have your picture taken. You will receive a reply with confirmation on one of those dates/times or alternate appointment times.


  2. Email a picture that will be uploaded and used for your Student Photo ID, click here for specific details of this process. 


  3. Stop by Room 151, the Student Life Office, to schedule an appointment to have your picture taken.

All IDs will be done in Room 151, the Student Life Office.

Leominster Campus

Please go to the front desk at the Leominster campus to schedule a time to have your ID picture taken on the Leominster campus.

Returning Students

Have your expired Student Photo ID updated at no charge at the Gardner Campus Library, the Leominster Campus front office or the Devens Campus front office. Validation stickers are available on each campus after the start of classes.