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UWYV is independently funded and relies on the support of organizations and community members like you. Your support is critical to enabling continued efforts to cultivate social innovation and youth leadership development in North Central Massachusetts.

Here’s how you can help:


  • Fuel new team launches with up to $1,000 in seed funding for sustainable Venture plans.
  • Support UWYV program expansion into underserved NCM communities and schools.
  • Bring social entrepreneurship and experiential learning to the classroom through curriculum integration.


  • Volunteer to serve as a panelist.
  • Mentor a Venture Team as an Ally or Technical Ally, a non-controlling adult advisor.
  • Help with a Venture-sponsored community event or project.

Contact us TODAY to let us know how you would like to help!, 978-630-9201

THANK YOU to all of our FY18 Panelists!

Mary Alice Aker – Principal, Toy Town Elementary School
Isabelle Alera – Leominster School Committee Member, Leominster Public Schools
Jody Athaniseou – Director of Resource Development, United Way of NCM
Lindsey Aubuchon – Director MIS, Aubuchon Hardware
Paula Bolger – Principal, Gardner High School
Tara Bozek – Director of Special Education, Ayer Shirley School District
Michael Brennan – College Student
Ben Brideau – Firefighter, Leominster Fire Department
Jenn Brideau – Three Clovers Social Media Marketing
Jim Browne – Operations Manager, Hannaford Supermarket
Tom Browne – Principal, Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School
Mariandela Cardelle – Student
Dayana Carlson – Assistant Principal, Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School
Dawn Casavant – Vice President of External Affairs, Heywood Hospital
Ann Castles – Teacher, Samoset Middle School
Maritza Cedeno – Catholic Charities
Alexis Chabot – Teacher, Sky View Middle School
Craig Chalifoux – Principal, Longsjo Middle School
Greg Clement – Associate Dean of Students, MWCC
Ann Colligan – Teacher, Sky View Middle School
Jessica Connors – Staff Assistant, K-12 Partnerships, MWCC
Susan Cordio – Administrative Assistant, Community Foundation of NCM
Lois Cox – Executive Assistant to the President, MWCC
Julie Cronin – Staff Assistant, Senator Stephen M. Brewer Center, MWCC
Paula Deacon – Superintendent, Leominster Public Schools
Stephen DiNatale – Mayor of the City of Fitchburg
Emily Donnelly – Library Director, Stevens Memorial Library
David Dore – Editor, Leominster Champion
Nicole Driscoll – AVP, Branch Manager II, Workers Credit Union
Amy Dubovik – Guidance Counselor, Oakmont Regional High School
Mike Duval – VP Commercial Loan Officer, Main Street Bank
Stephanie England – Assistant Director of Marketing, MWCC
James Ethier – Teacher, Oakmont Regional High School
John Fedirko – Teacher, Samoset Middle School
Chris Fedirko – Social Worker, Department – Children & Family
David Fiandaca – Director, Leominster CTEi
Lori Fiandaca – Guidance Counselor, Samoset Middle School
Fagan Forhan – Assistant Dean – K-12 Partnerships and Civic Engagement, MWCC
Claire Freda – City Councilor at Large, City of Leominster
Rachel Frick Cardelle – Interim Vice President, MWCC
Rose Gage – Catholic Charities
Paula Giaquinto – Assistant Superintendent, Fitchburg Public School District
Dan Gleason – School Committee Member, Ayer Shirley Regional School District
Megan Glidden – CPA Treasury Manager, Bemis Associates Inc.
Teresa Grant – Tech Department, Samoset Middle School
George Grossman – Teacher, Sky View Middle School
Kevin Halstead – Sales Manager, Halstead Insurance
Mary Beth Hamel – Assistant Superintendent, Ayer Shirley Regional School District
Laurie Hawkins – Administrative Assistant, United Way of NCM
Stephan Hay – State Representative ( 3rd Worcester District)
Julia Henshaw – Student, Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School
Bruno Hicks – Dean of Education, Fitchburg State University
Natalie Higgins – State Representative (Worcester District)
Michelle Hills – AVP Senior Relationship Manager, Main Street Bank – Ayer
Kim Holman – Nurse, HealthAlliance Oncology
Maureen Horn – Physical Education/Health Teacher, Gardner Public School District
Kristin Howlett – Leominster Public School District
Rob Jackson – Teacher, Oakmont Regional High School
Jennifer Jensen – Teacher, Overlook Middle School
Jennifer Jones – Fitchburg Cultural Alliance, Fitchburg Access Televison
Sophia Kelley – Student
Cailte Kelly – Financial Advisor, Edward Jones
Eva Kelly – Title I Parent Liason, Fitchburg Public Schools Central Office
Winnie Kender – School Committee, Ashburnham Westminster Regional School District
Neisha Kifer – Program/Case Manager, Our Father’s House
Emily Kline – Teacher, Sky View Middle School
Dan Knapp – President, World Turtle Productions, LLC
Diane Kruse – Teacher, Parker Charter School
Deb LaPointe – Senior Director, UMASS Memorial HealthAlliance-Clinton Hospital
Jean Liddy – Nurse, Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School
Steffanie Luniewicz – Director of Corporate & Social Sales, Wachusett Mountain
Jessica Madrigal – School Nurse and Health Teacher, Goodrich Academy
Margaret Magennis – Guidance Counselor, Fitchburg High School
Melissa Manzi – Senior Academic Counselor/Mental Health Counselor, MWCC
Stephanie Marchetti – Director of Academic Support and Testing Services, MWCC
Donata Martin – Executive Director, Boys & Girls Club of Fitchburg and Leominster
Maria McCaffrey – Manager, North Central Massachusetts Chamber
Fred McLelland – Assistant Principal, McKay Arts Academy
Brad McNamara – Teacher, Goodrich Academy
James Mountain – James Mountain Antiques
Heather Mulry – Director of Human Resources, MWCC
Katelyn Murphy – Teacher, Saint Joseph Elementary School
Sondra Murphy – Director, Leominster Public Library
Myranda Nasworthe – Student, Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School
Natalie Nelson – Account Manager, United Way of NCM
Briana Nobrega – Assistant Director of Visual & Digital Communications, MWCC
Nona Ojala – Ward 4 Member, Leominster Public School Committee
Nelson Oliver – Principal, Samoset Middle School
April Ondis – Director of Marketing, MWCC
Lindsay Page – Teacher, Goodrich Academy
Leanne Paradiso – Teacher, Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School
Chelsey Patriss – Executive Director, Community Health Network of North Central MA
Veronika Patty – Gardner Community Action Team Coordinator, LUK Inc.
Mark Pellegrino – Superintendent, Gardner Public School District
Briana Pena – Career Development Coach, MWCC
Dawn Perkins – Director of Sales, Vector 5 Collaborative LLC
Ross Perrett – Director of Sales, Einsteins Solutions Inc.
Doug Peterson – President & CEO, Workers Credit Union
Todd Pickett – Animal Control Officer, Fitchburg Leominster Animal Control
Lourdes Ramirez – Principal, McKay Arts Academy
Sandra Rehler – Curriculum Coorddinator, Ash-West School District
Abigail Rigney – Assistant Principal, Overlook Middle School
Gloria Rios-Monarrez SEPAC Out of District Liaison, Littleton Public Schools
Mary Rosselli – Teacher, Sky View Middle School
Phillip Saisa – Principal, Overlook Middle School
Lea Ann Scales – Vice President, MWCC
Alyssa Serafini – Teacher, Frances Drake Elementary School
Maddi Siciliano – Student Venturer, Sky View Middle School
Heather Sikora – National Accounts Deficiency Analyst, Johnson Controls
Laura Smith – Division 2 Coordinator, Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School
Caroline Snell – Graduate Student
Sam Squailia – City Councilor and Public Access Televison Host, Fithcburg Access Televison
Kaitlyn Storro – Teacher, Longsjo Middle School
Todd Sumner – Principal, Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School
Susan Tassinari – Reading Specialist, Longsjo Middle School
Cathy Teague – Paraprofessional-ACE, Oakmont Regional High School
Suzanne Tingas – Assistant Principal, South Street Elementary School
Lynn Tocci – Aide, Sky View Middle School
David Uminski – Principal, Oakmont Regional High School
Dawn Van Patten – Parent, Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School
James Vander Hooven – President, MWCC
Victoria Vargo – Student Venturer, Sky View Middle School
Jess Vezina – Principal, Murdock Middle School
Richard Voutour – Director, Leominster Veterans’ Services
Chris Wells – President, Ashburnham Westminster Foundation for Academic Excellence
Shelley Wells – Teacher, Overlook Middle School
Deborah Weymouth – CEO, UMASSMemorial HealthAlliance-Clinton Hospital
Monica Whitehouse – Manager, Workers Credit Union
Anthony Wilson – Teacher, Goodrich Academy
Gina Wironen – Administrator Parent Information Center, Leominster Public Schools
Jason Zelesky – Interim Vice President of Student Affairs, MWCC
Carla Zottoli – Executive Director of Development & MWCC Foundation, Inc., MWCC