Jennifer Guerriero, 2017, Liberal Arts (Biology Track)

"I always felt like I fit in. I was very nervous and I put off for a long time going back because I felt that I was much older and that I’d feel silly just…
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Josh Goliber, 2017, Criminal Justice

"The Criminal Justice faculty at the Mount does an amazing job, they have an amazing group of people working with them."
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Gemini Walter, 2017, Human Services (Adult Basic Education)

"I grew up below poverty level and school, education just wasn’t a priority. I dropped out of high school. I had no real formal education, or goals, or ambitions to even go to school. That’s…
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Danielle Waseleski, 2017, Liberal Arts

"It’s so rewarding working for the school, you just learn so much, and I feel like from work-study you just get so much more out of your school."
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Taryn Holly, Physical Therapy Assistant

“If you have the opportunity to participate in service learning, don’t hesitate.”
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Marymar Perez Cruz, 2017, Human Services

“The Mount helped me achieve my goals because of the flexibility that it offers. Knowing that I have options helped me because of the busy life that I have.”
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Tiffianie LeBlanc, 2014, Media Arts Technology

"Being in the Honors Program keeps me motivated to do well. I find it rather exciting to be part of a group that works hard."

Elizabeth Brown, 2017, Nursing

"I’ve always been caring so I thought majoring in nursing would be a great idea. I just love taking care of people and the medical field as well – anything illnesses or medicine has always…
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Denise Gosselin, Criminal Justice

“Going to the Mount was a tradition in my family. The year I graduated, my father graduated with his degree in nursing. MWCC made so much possible for me.”

Entela Roba, 2010, Physical Therapist Assistant

"I feel comfortable and well prepared with what I learned at the Mount, and I’m proud to say that I graduated from this program."